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Bodies Sports Training helps take Lee’s Summit athletes to a new level of play! Master the specifics of your strength, agility and speed to produce powerful, winning performances. When you play sports, you want to win; it is human nature. You know you are good, but you want to be better… a better golfer, a better pitcher, a better running back…you want to be better than that guy or gal next to you. You don’t want to be good – you want to be great. You want to take it to another level. You want recognition and respect for your performance.

Imagine how you will feel when you beat your boss or that not-so-nice co-worker the next time you go out for 18 holes. Or how you will feel when you improve your pitching speed and accuracy, striking out batter after batter, becoming the MVP of your baseball team. What if you were the one to run the winning touchdown into the end zone for your team? Better yet, imagine how you will feel when your improved sports performance pays for your higher education with a scholarship.

At Bodies, athletes can get stronger, faster, more powerful and ultimately, more competitive! We offer 100% guarantee you’ll see results. Training emphasis will include:

  • proper form
  • strength exercises
  • power production
  • speed & agility drills
  • flexibility movements
  • prehab and rehab exercises
  • injury prevention

In addition, we will also provide nutritional training with our in-house nutritionist. The key building blocks to building a dynamic athlete rely heavily on the type of fuel put into the body. We can young athletes with important information about what types of foods they should be eating and when they should be eating these foods to maximize performance.

Our Sports Trainers Know Athletes


At Bodies we’ve combined science with performance to create the perfect training for today’s athlete.  No more guesswork over training or wishful thinking. See improvement in your athletic abilities, your sports performance and your resistance to injury! We’ll train you individually as an athlete. We’ll work on skills you’re great at to make you even better, and do drills to help improve areas you’re weak.

The methods behind our service will combine the principles of sports science with movement based sport-specific strength and power training. Our unique service includes individual functional movement evaluations to detect specific muscle and joint imbalances.

We train each athlete differently, based on their sport they play (and their position) – as well as their current strengths and weaknesses. Every sport is different, but they all require the correct combination of strength, agility and speed to produce a winning performance. Incorrect sport-specific training can lead to sidelining injuries. Correct sport-specific training and nutrition maximize your performance potential. Our programs are customized to the athlete, yet will always include:

  • Hip and shoulder stability exercises
  • Core strengthening
  • Single leg movements


Sports Training for Teams


Our facility allows us to not only train individual athletes – but teams as well. Contact Bodies Sports Performance Training for a great strength and conditioning workout for your team. Dr. Nicole Dierking brings a background in science and experience in training athletes to the table. She’ll put together a workout that will get your team stronger, faster and better in no time.

The focus of the team training is not only to build dynamic athletes, but to foster an environment that facilitates team comradery and cohesiveness. This allows our coaches to develop training programs tailored to each athlete’s individual needs in order to prevent injury, improve on field performance, and ultimately improve the team’s and individual athlete’s competitive edge.

Speed Training and Agility Training


Speed training and agility training involves speed and agility drills that can help athletes of all genres and ability levels. From the recreational runner to the scouted full-time athlete, speed and agility classes will help you improve your overall performance and better equip your body to handle the stressors of your chosen sport. We can create a speed and agility program to specifically meet your group’s needs and ability level.


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