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Best Personal Training & Group Fitness in Lees Summit

Personal Training & Group Fitness with a Certified Personal Trainer in Lees Summit

At Bodies Health & Fitness, you are more than just a client, and we are more than just a personal trainer taking you through a workout. Together with our clients, trainers and staff, we have created an amazing community that works together so everyone can push to reach their fitness dreams and change their life.

“Shape Your Body ~ Shape Your Life” is what we believe. Your personal trainer knows you, your goals and knows how to get you results.  Just take a look at some of our amazing success stories! Your personal trainer will teach you how to maximize exercise and make the necessary adjustments to your nutrition.  We don’t focus on just changing your body, we teach you how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reach your goals. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked with a trainer before or even if you’ve worked out before–exercise should be fun and rewarding.  Fitness is for everyone!

How Our Personal Trainers Approach Personal Training and Group Fitness

First – we will not be yelling at you. And, you won’t die during our workouts. Our programs are customized to each and every client depending on their unique fitness goals. No two clients are exactly the same, and no two goals are exactly the same – so our programs shouldn’t be the same. The quality of our personal training starts with our certified and experienced team. They know how to motivate and inspire clients – and they get results. All of our personal training is done in our private and professional studio in Lees Summit. We’re here to give you all of the tools you need to be healthy. Give personal training a try!

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Cost of a Personal Trainer

We believe fitness is for everyone, and that’s why we offer affordable pricing in Lees Summit.  Our gym memberships are much lower than rates at other gyms. Because of our affordability, our clients can meet with their personal trainer more often and get better results.


FAQ about Personal Training

What's involved in your FREE consultation?

Our consultations are completely FREE, and there’s no obligation to sign up whatsoever. We understand that hiring a personal trainer can be intimidating, and it takes a certain level of vulnerability to even make the call! Before you dive in and start training, we want to sit down and talk about goals and do an assessment to get your baseline and where you currently stand. Then based off where you are now and where you want to go, we can give recommendations and explain how our training can help.

If you think it’s a fit great – you can get started. We’ll review your schedule, assign you a personal trainer, and you can get started. If not – no pressure! Our free consultations can be scheduled at anytime – just like our training. Come see what we’re all about.

What should I bring & what should I wear?

Come dressed in comfortable workout clothing for both your initial consultation and each workout. You can plan to move around a lot and sweat – so be prepared! We do offer a shower if you need to rinse off after your session. Towels are provided, as well as cold water. (You’re encouraged to bring your own bottle or cup!) Come with a positive attitude and willingness to change – even if you’ve not exercised in 20 years – this can be for you!

What kind of results can I expect?

We love to showcase our success stories to show that Bodies Health & Fitness workouts actually work! Our clients come in for different goals, and each person is unique. It’s a different process to lose weight versus gain weight, or to work off body fat due to post-pregnancy. We can’t guarantee you a timeline – but we promise that if you stick with the recommendations of our personal trainers and nutritionist, keep your activity level high, watch your diet – you will see results! And quickly!

At Bodies, we view your decision to workout with a personal trainer as the first step toward a lifestyle change. Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. This goes for everything; exercise, cardio, nutrition and even training.  So if you want something different, it is time to do something different.

A personal trainer should never encourage a quick fix. A certified personal trainer should teach you how to incorporate exercise, nutrition and cardio exercise into your training and your lifestyle.

Do I choose my personal trainer?

If you have an existing relationship with or a referral for one of the Bodies personal trainers, you are welcome to work with them! However, during your initial consultation we’ll evaluate your goals and your schedule, and then pair you up with the personal trainer that best meets your needs. Each one of our trainers adopts a personal relationship with you and becomes personally invested in your progress. You can’t go wrong with any of the personal trainers at Bodies Health and Fitness!

Shape Your Body, Shape Your Life!

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