Nutrition Coaching Program

Reaching your goals is about more than a diet plan and hard work in the gym, it’s about your life.

A Personalized Diet Plan Created by our Bodies Nutritionist

A diet plan is the most important component in any fitness training program.  It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, build muscle or just stay healthy. It also doesn’t matter if you exercise or if you work out with a personal trainer; if you don’t change your diet plan, you won’t see the results you want.

Everything you put into your mouth has an effect on your body. We will educate you and empower you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to maximize your training and reach your fitness goals. We don’t starve our clients into weight loss, we fuel the body into exercise.

What Does a Nutrition Coach Do?

At Bodies Health & Fitness we believe that being fit is about more than just the hard work you put in at the gym. Nutrition, lifestyle, and a good support system all play a role in how successful you are. Our nutrition coaches provide a unique service that is completely customized to each individual. Our nutrition coaches keep our clients encouraged, motivated and accountable, in and outside the gym.

What to Expect from the Nutrition Coaching Progam and Diet Plan

We designed the diet plan program with everyone’s busy lifestyle in mind. To keep it convenient and affordable you will meet with one of our nutrition specialist once a month or more if you would like. You will receive one-on-one time to discuss your progress and any questions/concerns you might have, a menu for the month’s diet plan, new measurements and assessment, and any personalized recommendations (nutrition, lifestyle, cardio, exercise) that would be beneficial to your goal. Additionally, each client will receive a community card that will give them access to exclusive discounts and offers from local businesses.

What Does a Nutrition Coach Appointment Look Like?

A nutrition coach session is an opportunity to sit down with a nutrition specialist and discuss your fitness and nutrition goals and your current diet plan. Then, we either make a program or update an existing one to ensure you will reach each of your specific goals. In each session we do thorough body assessments to assess your exercise and diet plan. We will discuss your progress thus far, what’s working, what’s not working, what obstacles might be keeping you from reaching your goals and what we can do as a team to help you overcome those obstacles.

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Appointment & Pricing

To inquire about pricing and or set up an appointment for the Nutrition Coaching Program, call the studio at (816) 524-7733.

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