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Brad McCleary

Brad McCleary

Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Running Coach, Natural Bodybuilder

Office: 816-524-7733
Mobile: 816-225-6911

Brad McCleary

Brad McCleary is all about his faith, family and fitness! Brad’s life changed when he met Jen. They met in the summer of 2005, were engaged on Christmas and married on St. Patty’s Day 2006, when you know, you know! They have been blessed with four wild kids that keep them young and give them grey hairs at the same time; Shelby Kyle, Lillian “Lilly” Elizabeth, Molly Grace, and McKenzy Cash.

Brad McCleary now wrestles with his active kiddos, lifts weights and enjoys running in many local and national events. He still enjoys playing recreational sports when he can but now it’s about finding time to do things with his family and be active in his community and church.

Brad wanted to be a personal trainer ever since he could remember and has been living his dream since 2004 and doesn’t plan on looking back. He has always been involved in fitness and exercise from his days in pee wee basketball to flag football to State level football, basketball, and track in high school to even playing college football at Baker University. Being a personal trainer has forced Brad into all kinds of different situations–from running marathons to posing on stage in natural bodybuilding competitions. Brad loves to push himself and others with new things and credits his success as a personal trainer to truly caring and investing in his clients.

Brad’s clients have a combined weight loss totaling over 5,000 lbs!  He has worked with clients from 4 to 86 years of age and knows how to properly and effectively stretch, train, and rest the muscle and believes in “functional training” to avoid injury.  In addition to personal training, as a sports conditioning and running coach, he is well qualified to handle speed & agility / sports specific training.

Brad says, “I love working with people!  To help people change their life as a personal trainer by sharing something I love so much with them – there’s nothing that feels better than that!  The best part is explaining to people that fitness and exercise is not about having a personal trainer or even lifting weights or running on a treadmill, it’s being active.  Just find something you enjoy and do it as much as you can.”


Bodies Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
FT Certified Personal Trainer
Action Certified Personal Trainer
Kbands Certified Personal Trainer
Kbands Certified Group Instructor
Heritage College Advisory Board Member
Action Advisory Council Board Member
PCI Personal Training Advisory Board Member
Top 5% Most Viewed Profiles on LinkedIn 2012 (Personal Trainer)
Brett Klika’s Personal Trainer 2012 (Todd Durkin) Attendee

Anthony Trucks Sports Performance Trainer Course
KCTC Running Ambassador
RRCA Certified Running Coach
First Aid, CPR & AED Certified

Bodybuilding Competition History

5th place Bodybuilding @ Liberty Bell Natural Southern States Classic 2010
4th place Bodybuilding Missouri Open @ Natural Southern States Classic 2010
1st place Bodybuilding @ Nutra-Sport Central Mid-West Championships 2010
1st place Bodybuilding @ The Heartland Classic 2010

Running Resume

Over 50 5K, 4 mile, 10K and Misc Runs **
2009 – Current: Kansas City Marathon **
2010 & 2011: Rock the Parkway Half-Marathon **
2010 – Current: Hospital Hill Half-Marathon **
2010 Mud N’ Muck 5K – 6th in Age, (Client got 1st in Age Group!)
2010 Triality Trik or Trot 5K – 1st in Age Group, 3rd Overall **(Got Client PR & 1st in Age Group)
2010 Ciffhanger 4th in Age Group, 1st Place Coed Team, & Largest Team 8k
2010 Pilgrim Pacer Half Marathon (Client PR on their 2nd Half Marathon by -22 mins!)
2011 – 2013: Walt Disney World Half & Full Marathon (Goofey Challenge) **
2011 Bike Source Triathlon **
2011 Warrior Dash – Survived the obstacles and the heat!
2011 – Current: Epic Mud Run – 2nd in Age Group (Client got 2nd in their heat!)
2011 Run Ruckus – Survived the obstacles and the cold!
2012 Little Rock Marathon ** (1 Client got PR and 2 did first marathon / half marathon)
2014 I35 Challenge – Kansas City Marathon & Des Moines Marathon (back to back days)
2015 Walt Disney World 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, Full-Marathon (Dopey Challenge)

**Took client through their first marathon, half-marathon, triathlon, OR achieved client their personal best.
I’ve trained three clients that have qualified for Boston Marathon a combined 6 times.

Team Member Interview

Favorite hobby or free time activity?

I love any kind of sport, especially football.  Participating in it, coaching it, watching it, even playing Madden football on PlayStation.  If I’m not being active though, I also love watching movies.

Favorite quote or verse? 

Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  I have it tattoo on my wrist and I say it around mile 9 (and 10, 11, 12, 13 …) every marathon!  I also think Philippians 4:6 is my life verse.

How do you motivate yourself when you’re having a bad day?

I know my goals.  So I recite a couple life versus I have memorized and then think on my goals. How will I reach them if I don’t get to work, work hard and don’t give up?  My family is also a good motivator, I strive to be an example (and a good one!) for my kids.

Favorite thing about Bodies Health & Fitness.

Our clients are everything. I don’t actually get to work with them as much now that I work on the business side though so I would say my team. It warms my heart to know how much our trainers care and that the clients I care so much about are taken care.

What motivated you to open your own business?

I wanted my clients to be treated different. I knew I could help more people if I did it my own way. I never realized I’d have a team that could do even more than I could by myself!

What is your dream for Bodies Health & Fitness?

I want Lee’s Summit to be one of the healthiest communities to live in. Then I want Kansas City to be one of the healthiest cities. We’ll do this by reaching our community with affordable pricing and caring team members.

Best part of being your own boss?

Being able to “be the change I want to see”. Now I get to create an environment not only for our clients but for our team, a place where I’d like to work and a team I’d want to be a part of.

Favorite cheat meal? 

Jen’s homemade cookies! They’re all natural!

Proudest moment as a personal trainer? 

When clients tell me their doctor was shocked at their last check up.  No more medications, no more issues – I love that!

Favorite muscle group to work?

That’s a tough one but one thing is for sure – it’s not legs! haha

Favorite sport to play?

Football, definitely football.

What is your favorite distance to run?


What’s the best part about being a “runner”?

It’s easy, it’s free and it feel good to me because it’s not about “competing”.

What is your ultimate running goal?

To be doing it when I’m 70+, I have a client that does and she’s an inspiration!

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