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Massage Therapy in Lee’s Summit, MO:

Bodies Health & Fitness offers massage therapy in house through Body Mechanic’s Massage Therapy in Lee’s Summit, MO to compliment our personal training services. Our therapists provide an amazing, professional service to compliment your workout routine, help with injury/rehabilitation, or to help you relax from a stressful week.

Our therapists have a background in sports. This gives them the ability to relate to their clients’ demanding lifestyles and physical needs. They provide the perfect balance of therapeutic and deep tissue massage work designed to address chronic muscle tension, relieve painful tight muscles and improve joint mobility.

Our massages include gentle stretching, and myofascial release therapy (also known as trigger point therapy). We can help clients correct postural imbalances, relieve headaches and address jaw tension, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other common stress-related issues.

How Much Does a Massage Cost?

Pricing for a 60 minute massage is $55. To see a complete list of pricing and to schedule an appointment please visit the “Book Now” button at the top of the screen. You can also contact our studio at 816-524-7733 to schedule an appointment, we will do our best to accommodate same day requests but cannot guarantee availability until confirming with one of our Massage Therapists.

Preparing for Your First Massage Appointment

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out a short medical history.
  • You will undress to your comfort level in private and drape yourself with the provided sheet. Your modesty is respected.
  • We have shower and towel service should you need it.
  • We also provide water afterwards.

Jolene Hoy

Jolene Hoy

Licensed Massage Therapist
Christa Northup

Christa Northup

Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Running Coach

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